Final Report: Cologne Fine Art sparkles

Over 14,000 visitors * Galleries and dealers report good to excellent sales * Well-informed and knowledgeable public * New sponsorship programme for 'Young Dealers' gets off to a good start * Jürgen Klauke awarded Cologne Fine Art Prize * Striking special show titled 'Style Icons' widens focus of Fair's signature crossover element

Cologne Fine Art 2013 closed its gates on a highly positive note on Sunday, 24 November. One hundred galleries and dealerships showcased a top-quality spectrum of artworks spanning two thousand years of art and design history. The six days of the Fair attracted 14,000 visitors and they included a large proportion of collectors and museum directors from all over the world. 'The broad-ranging, well-balanced palette of exhibits - Old Masters, fine furniture, classic modernism and decorative art, design, sculpture and works on paper - has exceeded all expectations,' commented Cornelia Zinken, Cologne Fine Art Director. She added: 'By including a 'Young Dealers' programme we've taken an important step in the direction of consolidating the Fair's future. And this year's special show titled 'Style Icons' has opened up brand-new perspectives underscoring the Fair's unique position in the German art market and setting it further apart from comparable national events.'

Feedback from galleries and dealers at the close of the Fair was upbeat. Quality levels are high and visitors are actively interested and well informed,' said Philippe David from von Vertes (Zurich). He lauded 'Style Icons', the high-calibre special show, for adding excitement: 'We could imagine seeing a classic car dealer here at the Fair.' Gallerist Hans Maulberger (Munich) was euphoric: 'It's been our best Cologne Fine Art in years,' he enthused. German Art Informel specialist Bert Schlichtenmeier (Grafenau) noted the 'marked increase in interaction with visitors at the stand'. Dierk Dierking (Zurich) created a major splash with his solo show of work by Hans Bischoffshausen, an Austrian artist and member of the progressive art movement Zero. Enthusiastic museum specialists described it as 'something of a sensation'. Dr. Doris Möllers (Münster), who specializes in 'Brücke' artists, was pleased with the 'large number of new clients'. She sold works on paper at prices largely in the three to four-figure brackets. Kunsthandel Dr. Michael Nöth (Ansbach) noted considerable interest in the Worpswede school. He too praised how well informed the Cologne public was. Gerlinde Teutschbein (Frankfurt) - in her thirtieth year as an exhibitor at Cologne Fine Art - was impressed with the 'continuing, intense interest in art and quality artworks'. Teutschbein, a specialist in Flemish and Dutch Romantic painting, registered sales mainly in the EUR 40,000 to 50,000 price range. First-time exhibitor Tobias Hirschmann (Berlin) was 'very happy with the sensational response' to his special show titled 'Im Zeichen der Feder'. The vernissage had already impressed with its barrage of 'sophisticated, art-conversant guests.' 'Here in Cologne it's not just top-notch movers and shakers we're seeing but institutional experts too,' commented Gernot Rudolf from Galerie Rudolf (Kampen). 'The mix at Cologne Fine Art is extremely good. We can cater to all kinds of tastes here but the Fair is still easy to navigate.' And Biedermeier-furniture specialist Axel Schlapka (Munich) noted: 'The Fair hosts a good thematic programme and not just that, it's been rejuvenated. It's much better now and far more interesting.' Julian Schmitz-Avila (Bad Breisig) enjoyed a 'super vernissage with a lot of really good new clients and spur-of-the-moment sales'. Christian Eduard Franke (Bamberg), who specializes in fine furniture, antiques and applied art, was very pleased with the Fair's high standards and excellent architecture, commenting: 'Cologne Fine Art sets a major focus on high-end objects and that's what the public appreciates.' Setareh (Düsseldorf) echoed this: 'Visitors reward the concentration on quality. A lot of good collectors came to see us and we had plenty of new visitors at the stand.' Asian art expert Peter Hardt (Radevormwald) praised the exhibitor list and the quality of exhibits: 'Congratulations - a fine choice of exhibitors and superb range of exhibits. I'm very pleased.' Hans-Peter Jochum (Berlin), who deals in vintage furniture, reported he was 'highly complimented' on his fine furniture and lamps. Jochum praised the special show for its 'universal appeal'. Elmar Robert (Cologne) specializes in Medieval and Renaissance art. He was particularly pleased with the good response from museum representatives, who had tended to pass him over in the past. He remarked: 'I've never shown at a fair with such a positive ambience.'

'There's no venue like it in Germany,' said Carlo Schmidt of C. G. Boerner (Düsseldorf), with reference to the 'Works on Paper' section. Fred Jahn (Munich) noted a very positive response to his solo show of work by Per Kirkeby, selling a large-format watercolour to a collector at EUR 25,000. In his view 'the section ['Works on Paper'] is better positioned this time and is being perceived differently.' Hamburg-based dealer Thole Rotermund remarked: 'It was a super Fair. We sold really well.' And Hammelehle und Ahrens (Cologne) also did brisk business, selling work by gallery artist Vincent Tavenne and forging new contacts with museums. 'We had big surprises with our participation both in terms of substance and sales,' commented Sven Ahrens.

'Young Dealers' - success across the board
The new programme for 'Young Dealers' got off to an excellent start. This project is sponsored by Koelnmesse and the Bundesverband Deutscher Galerien und Kunsthändler (BVDG). Seven galleries and dealerships exhibited in the specialist fields of Old Masters, 19th and 20th-century art, decorative art, fine furniture and sculpture, and their verdict was positive across the board: 'Cologne Fine Art showcases a rich mix of ancient and modern,' commented first-time exhibitor Maria Galen (Greven). She added: 'Exhibiting here gets me a lot of exposure and good feedback.' Her colleague Tilman Treusch from Kornfeld (Berlin) echoed her comments: 'We've made some fantastic new contacts, we're very pleased.' And Cologne dealer Julia Garnatz, lauding the 'refreshing interplay of objects', said: 'Being at fairs is really important to me. It brings collectors to the gallery.' Ralf-Otto Hänsel from 401contemporary (Berlin), another 'Young Dealer', enjoyed plenty of 'quality talk'. He was complimented on all sides for the design of his stand. He was showcasing work by Mary Bauermeister and Adolf Luther.

Jürgen Klauke awarded the 2013 Cologne Fine Art Prize
The 2013 Cologne Fine Art artists' prize went to Jürgen Klauke, who lives and works in Cologne. The prize is awarded jointly by Koelnmesse and the BVDG. The award ceremony was held at the vernissage, marking the first high point of the Fair. A special exhibition featuring important examples of Klauke's striking photographic work attracted high visitor interest.

'Style Icons' - a magnet
The Cologne Fine Art special exhibition attracted high levels of interest. Titled 'Style Icons', it showcased unique examples of design in 20th-century classic cars, haute couture and fashion accessories. Curated by Jaap Braam Ruben and Monika Gottlieb, this eye-catching show focussed on the interface between art and design and provided exciting new insights.

Cologne Fine Art 2013: Summary of sales reported

Old Masters and 19th-Century Art
Kunsthandel Dr. Michael Nöth (Ansbach)
Work by Worpswede artists
Galerie Paffrath (Düsseldorf)
Paul Baum, 'Holländisches Gehöft', oil on canvas
Galerie Teutschbein Fine Art (Frankfurt)
Strong demand for 19th-century marine paintings, selling in the mid five-figure bracket

Works on Paper
Galerie Klaus Benden (Cologne)
A photowork by Jürgen Klauke
Hammelehle und Ahrens (Cologne)
Vincent Tavenne, 'Sans titre', paper collage, EUR 4,000. A group of 12 untitled mixed media works on paper by Tavenne at EUR 4,000 each
Galerie Ludorff (Düsseldorf)
Work by Karl Otto Götz and Gotthard Graubner
Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel (Hamburg)
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, 'Stiefmütterchen in Vase', 1965, price approaching six figures
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 'Tanzende Mädchen', large-format drawing
A large-scale Christian Rohlfs pastel at just under EUR 100,000
Eduard Bargheer, 'Serenade', 1947, large-format watercolour at EUR 18,000 to a new client
A drawing by Richard Ziegler in the five-figure bracket
Galerie Michael Werner (Cologne/Trebbin)
Two works by Eugène Leroy

Non-European Art - Asian Art
Galerie Peter Hardt (Radevormwald)
A 12th-century Burmese bronze
Galerie Edwin Vömel (Düsseldorf)
A number of Kuba vessels
Michael Woerner Oriental Art (Hong Kong/Bangkok)
Five Khmer sculptures from Thailand, 7th -12th century
Seven Bactrian stone sculptures from central Asia, 2300-1700 BCE

Galerie Hans-Peter Jochum (Berlin)
Tables, armchairs and lamps by a number of different designers
Frank Landau/selected design objects (Frankfurt)
A nest of tables by Hvildt, teak, at EUR 4,500
Sideboard by Antoine Phippon/Jaqueline Lecoq at EUR 12,500

Twentieth-Century Art
Samuelis Baumgarte (Bielefeld)
Heinz Mack, 'Ohne Titel', acrylic on canvas, early 1960s, EUR 75,000
Fred Thieler, 'Ohne Titel', 1963, EUR 70,000
Beck & Eggeling (Düsseldorf)
Eight works by Herbert Beck
Galerie Klaus Benden (Cologne)
Robert Indiana, four-part work, 1972, to a South German collector at EUR 45,000
Galerie Döbele (Dresden)
Igor Oleinikov, 'Bilderkämpfer', EUR 18,500
Galerie Française (Munich)
Günther Uecker, 'Flight of Steps', 1995, EUR 195,000
A work by Sam Francis at EUR 50,000
Galerie Marianne Hennemann (Königswinter)
A work on paper by Karl Otto Götz at EUR 11,000
Two works by Bram Bogart at EUR 5,000 and EUR 8,500
Two works by Joachim Stracke at EUR 2,800 each
Galerie Hirschmann (Berlin)
Michael Buthe, 'Ohne Titel', collage, EUR 8,500
André Kirbach Kunsthandel (Düsseldorf)
An early work by Bernard Schultze at a price in the mid five-figure bracket
A work by Herbert Zangs at EUR 29,000
Galerie Koch (Hanover)
Works on paper by Karl Bohrmann
Drawings by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Galerie Ludorff (Düsseldorf)
Max Liebermann, 'Wannseegarten', 1926, for a six-figure sum
A work by Christian Rohlfs for a five-figure sum
Galerie Maulberger (Munich)
Fred Thieler, 'Monadisch spektral', 1958, to a corporate collection at EUR 148,000
A work by K.R.H. Sonderborg, 1923, EUR 98,000
A work by Otto Piene, EUR 78,000
A work by Sam Francis for a high six-figure sum
An oil by Gerhard Hoehme, EUR 60,000
Galerie Paffrath (Düsseldorf)
Walter Ophey, 'Komet', 1910, at just under EUR 100,000
Galerie Schlichtenmeier (Grafenau)
Willi Baumeister, 'Ruhe und Bewegung', 1948, EUR 180,000 and 'Braunes Reliefbild', 1954, EUR 140,000
40 works on paper by Willi Baumeister and Emil Schumacher at prices between EUR 800 and EUR 10,000
Ida Kerkovius, ' Ohne Titel', 1951, EUR 13,500
A large number of prints
Galerie Schüller (Munich)
Canvases by Constantin Alexeevic Korovin
Setareh carpets * art (Düsseldorf)
Sales in all categories at prices in the five and six-figure brackets
Galerie Franz Swetec (Düsseldorf)
Works by Heinz Mack and Otto Piene
Galerie von Vertes (Zurich)
An Emil Nolde watercolour from the 'Ungemalte Bilder' series, EUR 250,000
Alexej Jawlensky, 'Variations', EUR 250,000
Alex Katz, 'Four people walking', oil on wood
Tom Wesselmann, 'Nude Painting Print', EUR 150,000
Sam Francis, 'Crossborn', EUR 70,000
Two potential buyers interested in Pablo Picasso's 'Le Peintre', 1963, EUR 8.5m
Galerie Edwin Vömel (Düsseldorf)
Ernst Wilhelm Nay, 'Hirte', gouache, 1948, EUR 42,000
Renée Sintenis, 'Stehendes Fohlen', bronze, 1939, EUR 6,000

Decorative Art
Grobusch Kunsthandel (Aachen)
Raoul Larche, 'Salomes Schleiertanz', bronze lamp, at EUR 39,000 to a Hamburg public collection
André Kirbach Kunsthandel (Düsseldorf)
Ceramics by the Japanese artist Miwa Kyûsetsu XI, including a square jar at EUR 12,000
Kunsthandel Renate Steinbeck (Aachen)
Bronze candlestick, EUR 3,000
Figure of a Sultana, Höchst porcelain
Meissen plates at prices between EUR 4,000 and EUR 5,000

Galerie Andreas Binder (Munich)
Two sculptures by Anton Hiller at EUR 12,000 each
In negotiations over a sculpture titled 'Große Gehende' priced at EUR 60,000

About Cologne Fine Art:
'Zeitlos gut. Grenzenlos schön' [Excellent beyond time. Beautiful beyond borders]. The Fair's exciting juxtaposition of styles and epochs, its outstanding mix of ancient art and Old Masters, modernism, decorative art, design and works on paper showcased under one roof, sets it apart from all national and international events of its kind.

Images of a wide range of exhibits and the Fair logo can be accessed in the Press section of the Cologne Fine Art website ( Select 'Press', 'Image database' and 'Cologne Fine Art'.

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